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Taurus Model 44SS6 6" .44 Magnum

Taurus Model 44SS6 6-1/2" .44 Magnum Revolver



Model:   44SS6
Caliber:   .44 MAG
Capacity:   6
Barrel Length:   6-1/2"
Porting:   Yes
Action:   DA/SA
Finish:   Stainless Steel
Grips:   Soft Rubber
Weight:   52 oz
Construction:   Steel
Frame:   Large
Front Sight:   Fixed
Rear Sight:   Adjustable
Trigger Type:   Smooth
Length:   11-5/8"
Width:   1.760"
Height:   5.99"
Rate of Twist:   1:18-3/4"
Grooves:   5
Safety:   Transfer Bar
Accessories:   Weigand TAURUSS-1 scope mount
B-Square 1" Sport Series Rings
UltraDot 1" Red Dot Scope


I bought my Taurus Model 44SS6 .44 Magnum to replace my Dan Wesson 6" .357 Magnum as my handgun of choice for hunting Whitetail Deer. I considered the Taurus Model 444 Raging Bull but went with the Model 44 as it is slightly lighter. I now carry my scoped Model 44 in a bandolier holster whilst hunting which I find to be very comfortable and accessible. This gun is primarily for deer hunting so I added a UltraDot 1" red dot scope using B-Square 1" Sport Series rings on a Jack Weigand rail.

Shooting my Taurus Model 44SS6.
It has proved to be quite an accurate gun!

Illinois now allows a shotgun and a handgun to be carried at the same time whilst deer hunting, I can now take both and use the Model 44 now with an UltraDot red dot mounted out to 40-50 yards and also carry my Mossberg 500 20g Slugster for longer shots or as a backup.

I reload at present with a Magtech 240 grain semi jacketed soft point using Winchester 296 powder to get the projectile traveling in the vicinity of 1100 fps. They are nowhere near max nor hot loads, but are more controllable to get the sight picture back if a second shot is required.

Trigger pull using single action is light and crisp at 3lb 13oz and on double action is smooth and even with no surprises, although DA is a tad on the heavy side for my liking.

The wife shooting the Taurus Model 44SS6. She prefers 38 Special and 357 Magnum but has proven to be no slouch with the 44 Magnum either.

I found the recoil of this gun to be a lot less than I expected, mainly due to the barrel porting. The noise however is increased and as yet have not fired it without hearing protection and I must say I am not looking forward to the noise come deer season. I do use Peltor 7S electronic muffs and because the stereo amplification is so good, may actually wear them deer hunting during firearms season this year.

My first deer with a handgun was a small 4 point buck taken at 25 yards during the 2007 Illinois gun season. Nothing really astounding but I was over the moon none-the-less. He went down like a domino, he just dropped where he stood. I was using a handload Magtech 240 grain Semi Jacketed Soft Point (SJSP) @ approx. 1360 fps. For hunting in the 2008 season I think I will use the Hornady 240 grain Hollow Point (HP). I have read many rave reviews about this projectile as far as hitting power, weight retention and accuracy goes.


I have noticed one problem with this gun ...

When using single action occassionally the cylinder does not index. This happens only on SA. I am still trying different things to work this one out.


4/28/06 - I pulled the side plate off expecting to find a small burr on the transfer bar or maybe a weak spring. I found nothing like this. What I did find, using the gun SA with the side plate off showed that occassionally the transfer arm does not fall into the cut-out on the ejector on two cylinders. Working on this would cause the other four to be out of timing so I am trying to obtain a new ejector and transfer bar from Taurus. If they wont send these then I most probably will have to send the gun to Taurus to get it fixed.

5/4/06 - Taurus wont send the parts and insists on me sending the gun to them to inspect and repair. I have heard great things about their customer service and some horror stories. Guess its time I found out myself. Gun was sent off via UPS today.

6/9/06 - Gun was returned to me from Taurus today. A month may seem a long time to have a gun for repair/warranty work but in reality I feel a month is probably as good as any company. Two problems were found by Taurus and corrected:

1. Index Hand adjusted, and
2. Cylinder Yoke adjusted

6/10/06 - Took gun to range for function and test firing. I put 48 rounds through it, both SA and DA and it functioned flawlessly.

I guess the bottom line is that when you buy a brand new gun or anything for that matter, of course you expect it to be perfect, but 'shit happens'. Taurus Lifetime Warranty and Customer Service came through which I am very pleased and thankful for. Cost to me was absolutely zero, not even any shipping charges. Well, I am sold on Taurus' Lifetime Warranty. It actually works in the real world.

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