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Xisico BAM XS-B3-1 (Custom) Air Rifle



Model: BAM XS B3-1 (Custom)
Caliber: .177 @ approximately 620 fps
Capacity: Single Shot
Barrel Length: 15in
Finish: Traditional Steel Blued
Grips: Black Synthetic / Wood
Weight: 6lb 13oz
Front Sight: Post Globe
Rear Sight: Adjustable Elevation
Trigger Pull: 6lb (more like 12-14 new)
Length: 35in (Stock Folded 26.5in)
Cocking Effort: TBA
Safety: Manual Safety Lever
Anti Bear Trap
Trigger Safety
Accessories: Leapers 11mm Weaver Mount
Weaver Grand Slam Rings
Leapers 6x32 Illum. Scope

I bought the BAM XS-B3-1 (Custom) from Archer Airguns. The BAM B3-1 is a single-shot, military-style, side-lever pneumatic springer type air rifle with a folding stock. The Archer Airguns B3-1 Custom hugely improves the appearance and ergonomics of the standard B3-1. The improvements include a re-finished front handguard (no more orange varnish!), and an AK-47 muzzle break fitted to the barrel. The folding butt carries a one-inch thick butt extension, making the pull length much more suitable for most adults. And the factory pistol grip is replaced by a far superior, black plastic AK-47 pistol grip. Finally an AK-47 Chicom sling is fitted to the completed air rifle and the orange plastic side plates on the stock are removed.

Now, I did not buy this for any other reason that it's one cool looking air rifle and is probably as close to anything, airgun wise, on the market today that resembles an AK-47. So there is no serious target shooting nor hunting applications just fun shooting at 10 meter paper targets or just 'plinking'. And the price cant be beat at around 95 bucks plus s&h.

I also bought a Leapers 11mm to Weaver base so I can mount a Leapers 6x32AO Bug Buster Compact Gen 2 Illuminated Mil-Dot Reticle Scope on a set of Weaver high rings. Originally I mounted an old BSA 30mm red dot I had lying around.

My Owners Review of the Xisico BAM XS-B3-1 Custom (from Archer Airguns)

First Impressions

For its size this is one heavy air rifle with all pressed steel and wood and is built like a T72 tank. Surprisingly it is quite well balanced and the asthetic addon of the AK-47 flash suppressor on this Archer Airguns Custom model definitely helps in this particular area. The steel parts including reciever, rear and hooded front sight and pressed steel folding stockare are all blued. With stock folded or extended this is a great looking air rifle in my opinion.

The rifle arrived double boxed in excellent condition. The rifle itself comes with a copious quantity of some mystery Chinese oil/preservative all over it. The user manual, I mean the tiny instruction piece of paper filled with spelling mistakes is the worst I have ever seen but I read it anyway and came to the conclusion it does not really tell me anything new ... I mean how hard is a springer to operate anyway!

The air rifle was not shipped with the AK-47 Chicom web sling. A quick email to Archer Airguns and in a matter of a couple of hours I got a reply apologizing and told it was being sent out to me the same day. Pretty darn good service.

First Things First ...

Firstly I gave it a once over to ensure all was where it was suppose to be and screws, etc were tight. Then a good cleaning was in order. I did not strip it down to clean. It was more like cleaning off the mystery oil all over it and a good swabbing out of the bore. I then added a couple of drops of Pellgunoil to the cylinder etc.


Lets shoot this little puppy ... The rifle has a thumb operated safety, up (1) is fire, forward/backward (0) is safe and it has no detents so a little care is needed and always remember gun safety and never trust a safety on any gun or rifle. I put it on safe, pushed the detent on the cocking handle and cocked it until it clicks onto the first hold position which leaves ample enough room for my large fingers to place a pellet in the breech and then proceeded to cock it all the way back until the cocking handle is no longer under tension and returned the cocking handle to its position (you feel and hear the handle clip back into place). There is a rubber sleeve on the handle which you grip but it is rather loose fitting and I am going to give it a good clean and use a generous dab of Gorilla Glue to hold it into place so as it does not come off and get lost.

OK, time to shoot ... I placed a 10 meter rifle target in my silent pellet trap and as I have no idea how this rifle is sighted decided about a 3 yard distance would be pretty safe. The trigger straight out the box is absolutely terrible, dismal is probably a better word to describe it. Now, I must admit that I am use to triggers on my target guns in the range of 14.4 ounces (400 grams) and this trigger pull, although I have not put my digital trigger pull gauge on it, is probably in the range of 12-14 lb. The trigger then has a mile of pull until the sear disengages. My first shot was center and about one inch low. I put two more shots in to confirm about where my point of impact (POI) is and was thinking I might have to polish the trigger sear some to get the pull weight down some but decided to wait on this.

After adjustments here and there to the POI and shooting unsupported at 10 meters, I getting 1-1/2 inch groups mainly because I am not use to this heavy, heavy trigger. I decided it was time to added the 30mm BSA reddot I had lying around in the back room. When I bought this air rifle I also got a Leapers 11mm Weaver scope base. I mounted the scope and I think it even improves the looks even more. It also helped getting slightly smaller groups but nothing to write home about.

I have put approximately 100-150 Gamo .177 Match 7.71 gr pellets through this gun and the trigger has lightend some so I am not going to work on the trigger sear but allow just normal wear and tear and use to let the sear lighten up on its own. Hopefully it will get down around the 6lb range + or - that Xisico state and will feel a whole lot better. I also will try some Crosman .177 Copperhead Field Hunting Pointed 7.9 gr. to compare groups sizes. This is not a loud gun either and on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being the quietest and 5 being the loudest, it is a 1 maybe a 2.


This is a solid rifle and for around $60 for the standard versions or $96 for this Archer Airguns Custom version a whole lotta fun can be had shooting it. It's not a target nor a hunting airgun just a fun and cheap plinker but I have found it aint too shabby, accuracy-wise either. I am not sorry I bought this ... as I said, its just a whole lotta fun.

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